Chavara Vidyapeeth
      Search for Wholeness
Chavara Vidyapeeth New Building

Chavara Vidyapeeth is one of the up-coming schools in Narsinghpur run by CMI St. Paul Society, based in Bhopal. There are 52 members in the teaching staff and 1420 students on the roll. The school is affiliated to CBSE since 2004.

Chavara Vidyapeeth Vision
Chavara Vidyapeeth strives for academic excellence and all round development of students who are fully rooted in the Indian spiritual and cultural ethos.  This temple of wisdom promotes pluralism, co-existence, and harmony with nature.  It endeavors to inculcate in the students the values of equality and sensitivity to the less privileged sections of the society.

Chavara Vidyapeeth

Chavara Vidyapeeth is one of the 400 CBSE schools run by the CMI Congregation which is a pioneering Charitable Service Society launched by Blessed Chavara for the integral development Indian society.    Soon after the Saccidananda Ashram was taken over by the Society, people of Narsinghpur requested the CMI fathers to open an English Medium School at Narsinghpur.  Later in one of the discussions on March 22, 1995 it was Mr. T.R Nema of happy memory who christened this temple of learning as Chavara Vidyapeeth.  The school was initially opened in a rented building near Kheri Naka and later shifted to the present site in 1996.  The school was formally inaugurated by Mr. Maithilisharan Tiwari  on July 12, 1995.

Emblem of the School: SEARCH FOR WHOLENESS  -  God alone is the model of fullness.  The dream of that fullness is the driving force behind man to march forward.  Tree is the symbol of enlightenment, development and service.  Branches are like human beings holding each other showing oneness.  The cross symbolizes hard work and sacrifice one has to make in his march to the wholeness.  Education thus is a pilgrimage towards the perfection of life according to Blessed Chavara.

Blessed Chavara (1805 - 1871) - The CMI congregation is the embodiment of the dream and vision of Fr. Cyriac Elias Chavara who was a nineteenth century educationist and social reformer in India.  If Kerala is on the top of the human development index of UNDP, Blessed Chavara was the moving spirit behind this achievement.  He was honoured by the government of India by releasing a postal stamp in 1986 with his image

KG Block

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